Custom Electrical Control Panels

Custom Electrical Control Panels
Spencer's in-house engineeering design and manufacturing capabilities offer custom control panels equipped with microprocessors, PLCs, data acquisition instruments, remote process controls, multiple blower sequencers and other control technology. U.L. and C.U.L. listed available.


Electrical Control Systems

Beyond basic start / stop functions, an electrical control system can monitor and adjust critical blower and process variables. If a blower or process cannot be maintained within established operational parameters, the control system can further provide alarm and shutdown functions.

Control panels may be equipped with any desired level of sophistication including data acquisition instruments, remote process controls, multiple blower sequencers and other forms of control technology.

Blower Protection Options

Spencer offers many optional safety features that help protect your blower investment. Vibration, bearing temperature and low flow monitors, for example, alert personnel to potentially dangerous situations such as material buildup within the blower, a lack of bearing lubricant or an obstruction in the gas flow.

Blower and Process Monitors

Spencer monitoring systems incorporate sensors, transducers, gauges, alarms and shutdown circuitry to govern blower and process parameters such as:
  • Blower bearing temperature
  • Motor bearing temperature
  • Motor winding temperature
  • Blower inlet / outlet pressures
  • Blower vibration
  • Air or gas flow level
  • Water flow to water-cooled bearings
  • Purge gas flow to blower shaft seals
  • Blower and motor loading (low loads and overloads)
Temperature monitoring uses Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs) and digital display temperature controllers. The digital display includes temperature warning and shutdown set points, operating temperature and signal failure alarms.

Process Automation Features

To support process automation, Spencer can provide blowers and gas boosters with Programmable Logic Controllers and operator interface terminals.

Under PLC direction, machines in multiple-blower installations can be cycled on and off-line or sequenced in any pattern to equalize loading or respond to changing process demands. Communication links can be established from the PLC to any remote location - even to the Spencer factory via high-speed modem.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems for Factory Automation

Spencer blower installations can be tied into SCADA systems for central control of an entire plant. Besides supplying the central system with blower status information, the Spencer control panel can interface with existing central alarm systems. Blower set points can be established and on / off commands issued remotely, for fast response to varying process conditions.

Universal Control Boards

A proprietary Spencer concept, universal controllers provide increased functionality and greater ease of blower operation. By designing these controls in-house, we have customized their performance specifically for Spencer gas boosters and blowers.

In a single module, the universal board can provide flow control, automatic bypass valve control, bearing temperature monitoring, overload and low-load safety control, and many additional features for operational precision or convenience.

The universal control has an RTD temperature control board that provides protection for two bearings in one controller, incorporating a warning alarm prior to the shutdown alarm.

The bypass system control of the universal board is unusually versatile. It offers manual valve operation capability from a central controller for intercooler operation to govern bypass gas temperature reduction.

Electronic Modulating Bleed Control (EMBC)

For blowers that must operate at low flow levels, this is one of the most valuable Spencer control options. The EMBC system, which can be ordered as a function of the universal control board, provides bypass recirculation of gas so that a blower can operate at low flow without going into a potentially destructive surge condition.

EMBC set points are adjustable via a keypad on the universal panel, which will also display blower operation in either motor amps or CFM. This flexible system can be switched from automatic to manual operation at the keypad so that an operator can open and close the bypass valve by hand and determine the bypass set points.

UL / CUL - Listed Control Panels

UL-listed Spencer control panels for the US market are built in accordance with UL 508A standards for industrial control panels for general use. For Canada, Spencer panels comply with the requirements of CSA Standard for Industrial Control Equipment C22.2 No. 14-M91 and bear the CUL label.

Control System Engineering and Design Assistance

Spencer engineers are available as a planning resource to help customers and Spencer representatives design new control systems that will accommodate all the desired functions.

For high-technology systems that incorporate operator interface terminals and PLCs, it is also desirable to have Spencer engineers provide field startup assistance.