Car Care Vacuum Systems

The one true industrial grade vacuum – the powerful, continuous duty Spencer system

Made specifically for heavy-duty car cleaning

This is the rugged Spencer vacuum cleaning a system you’ve heard about, the Industravac┬« Series C designed especially for the car care market. It is manufactured in the U.S. by the company that started making industrial vacuum systems before Henry Ford made his first car. We’re still at it – and so are some of those early systems – because we’ve never skimped on quality.

Spencer vacuums won’t wimp out, or wear out during years of dependable service – sucking up coins and stones, abrasive sand and gravel, plastic wrappers and junk in a fast-paced, keep on workin’, get-the-job-done-and-move-on car cleaning environment.

Total system approach, total quality approach

Quality means more than an excellent product. Spencer offers you a total system approach, supported by a range of professional services before and after the sale. We get the big issues right, and we get the details right.

Valuable standard and optional features

From long association with this industry, we know what standard features are important, including oversize filter bags that won’t “choke up” on candy and cigarette wrappers…lockable dirt cans to stop coin pilferage…and a weatherized design with bottom exhaust so you can install the system outdoors.

Spencer also offers a wide range of optional accessories that can adapt a system perfectly to your setup, whether you’re vacuuming vehicles at a car wash, cleaning a rental fleet, detailing cars or prepping cars for auction.



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