Design Considerations for Spencer Central Vacuum Systems

Each Spencer central vacuum system is unique and tailored for your specific facility. To ensure that your system is planned and sized correctly, with all the service features you want, here are some factors to consider. By looking at these issues in advance, you can help us develop the right information to design a highly efficient system


Types of Applications

  • Do you need general cleaning only? Bulk material handling?  Liquid handling?


Material Characteristics

Consider the nature of the material(s) to be vacuumed, including:

  • Is the material combustible? (If so, does your insurance company have requirements concerning its handling?)
  • Bulk weight, volume, particle size, abrasiveness and corrosiveness of each material.
  • Is it wet or dry?
  • Does the material tend to clump?

Number of Operators

  • What is the maximum number of simultaneous operators?

Facility Layout

  • What is the distance from the equipment location to the furthest pick-up point?
  • Do you have plans for plant expansion?
  • Can you furnish a blueprint?

Hose size

  • What hose length and diameter are practical for your people and your facility? (Standard hoses are up to 50′ long, 1-1/2″ or 2″ diameter.)

There are many other issues, such as electrical controls, the preferred method for emptying separators, and the storage capacity, which we will cover during an on-site discussion.



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