Why choose a Spencer system?

Forget what “everybody knows” about vacuum cleaning.

What “everybody knows” is often based on an upright or canister vacuum cleaner back home. But the vacuum cleaner built for a two hour work week in the home is out of its element in industry. To go after industrial-strength cleaning challenges, you need a solution that’s bigger than the problem.

Forget about scattering vacuum cleaners around a plant to deal with litter, production scrap and every other miscellaneous mess. After all, you don’t pass out flashlights to everyone who needs a light.

Start thinking in terms of a vacuum utility you can use everywhere just like electricity.

Just as you have a plant-wide electrical system that you plug into for lighting and other uses, you should extend a vacuum network throughout the production, warehouse, laboratory and office areas. Then you’ll have convenient “vacuum taps” right where they’re needed. Once your vacuum utility is in place, you’ll find more and more uses for it.

The whole purpose of a central vacuum system is to make problems go away, including those you didn’t know there were solutions for. Spencer systems can be designed for bulk material conveying, recyclable material collection, toxic waste removal, liquid pickup and disposal, vacuum hold-down or pickup in manufacturing operations, machine side dust and fume collection – all in addition to heavy-duty cleaning operations.


Spencer systems are custom-designed to clean up anything from gravel to gum drops, bagels to brick chips. Just tell us the problem.

Too many times, people anticipate a negative answer when they ask, “Say, I don’t suppose you could vacuum up…”.

Our best advice is, don’t assume anything: talk to our experts!

Spencer specializes in creating custom solutions to deal with nearly anything – steel balls, shredded vegatables, kerosene, hair, graphite, cotton swabs, talcum powder, pet food, coins, welding fumes, magnesium powder, phenolic dust, carbon black, battery acid, shot blast grit, candy bars, flour dust, torpedo fuel… you get the point. The system we create for you will suit your specific requirements, whatever they may be.


Air handling has been our specialty since 1892.

Since Ira Spencer invented his first air handling systems in the 1890s, we have specialized exclusively in this field. The first Spencer Turbine Vacuum Cleaner was introduced in 1905. It has since retired, but there are many Spencer central vacuum systems still running after decades of daily service.


The “sleep good at night” factor.

Spencer systems last because thay are built to last. They are engineered with plenty of reserve performance so that you will always be satisfied with your choice. When you buy a Spencer central vacuum system, it will run for years and do what it is supposed to do every day. We call that the “sleep good at night” factor because you’ve made a decision you’ll never lose sleep over.


All the support you could ever need.

Spencer has direct sales offices and manufacturers representatives across North America, and independent representatives in many countries. Altogether, we have the industry’s largest representative organization.

Backed by our staff of professional engineer’s – also the industry’s largest – our representatives can evaluate you application and recommend an effective system based on your cleaning volume and characteristics, facility layout and future needs.

After the sale, your Spencer representative will be there to help with the installation and startup of your system, making sure components are assembled and adjusted correctly. You can count on Spencer to stand by you.



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